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               School Referrals
                  01268 682422

Fast Progress is specialist Alternative Provision and Reintegration Centre for children who are unable to attend mainstream school due to heightened anxieties. 

We are the place between home and school 















We  work with children who are unable to leave their bedroom, children who struggle to be in social environments and children who find being in a busy school environment difficult. Our centre is designed to be a safe space, which has 'mock classrooms' where children can practise building relationships, and practice being in a learning environment, whilst under the watchful eyes of our Mentors, who are always on hand to remove them from situations they find overwhelming. Over time, our students build confidence and are able to communicate with adults, their peers and are able to access learning. 


We have three teams at Fast Progress. Our Teaching Team, our Introduction to Learning Team and our Mentor Team, so our students are fully supported in every aspect of their social and educational journey. 

We also have a home-education cohort.

Referrals are welcomed from schools, councils and home-ed parents. 

A small, unique, nurture-based centre which  allows students to gradually integrate and socialise with other students at their own pace, whilst not compromising their education.

Therapy dogs
on site registered with
Canine Concern.

An environment that encourages ownership of emotions and achievement by raising aspirations.

An environment that provides different skillsets to build resilience and independence in education and post-16

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