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               School Referrals
                  01268 682422

Working in Partnership with schools and councils so every child attends


  We offer schools and councils several options to increase attendance and academic outcomes depending on their objective. Our fully flexible timetables means that it is not necessary to book a minimum amount of hours, which ensures that provision can be adapted to any budget. 

 Our on-site provision is designed to provide a nurturing base, whilst simultaneously replicating  the busy environment, which is needed to desensitise  pupils in readiness for reintegration.  






Regardless of how we work with you, we offer all of the following: 

  • Academic teaching at our centre and off-site are always in line with the curriculum and taught by subject specialists. 

  • Daily attendance tracking and communication

  • Established safeguarding procedures

  • Attendance interventions and consultancy

  • Parent relationship management

  • Intensive pupil mentoring

  • Pathway meetings, reviews and reports

  • Keyworkers for reintegration transitions

  • Transparency with costs

  • School-led processes 

  • Progress Tracking















Exam Preparation

  • For students who are not attending school, but are capable of sitting their exams

  • Core subjects at our centre

  • Exams sat in an agreed public place with our invigilators and a member of school staff present. 


  • 1-1 tuition on school site

  • 1-1 tuition in a public place. 

EBSA Programme

  • For students who are attending school, but struggle to stay in classes or who are on a part-time timetable

  • Tailored programme focusing on anxieties in education delivered on school-site with the aim of improving attendance


  • Off-site Alternative Provision at our specialist centre on Canvey Island,  focusing on core subjects in readiness to transfer to another mainstream provider.

  • Off-site short-term Alternative Provision at our specialist centre on Canvey Island with the view to reintegrate back into the school they are currently on roll with. 

  • Transition pathway on school site to reintegrate into the classroom.

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