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Progress revolves around child need at FPT


Having a child with anxiety, not only impacts your child's everyday life but impacts your family. It is important for struggles and worries to be communicated and for you to feel supported.The primary objective of any parent is to facilitate your child's growth so they can mature to become confident young adults who can succeed and be happy as they move through to adulthood. We need to foster independence and the courage to be curious about what the world has to offer. 

At FPT, we recognise that it is important to find the balance between building strategies that will enhance your child's abilities to cope in different social situations and developing their tools and resilience to face situations that they once would find too overwhelming.

Progress revolves around child need at FPT, which means that your child sets the pace, takes ownership of their own development, and has opportunities to develop strategies that can be trialled and developed in a 'non threat' environment.

Time is not their enemy at FPT.

Students are encouraged to take their time to develop confidence, which results in their sustainable de

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