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How much sessions are and how payment works?

All of our sessions are £10 per hour  (inclusive of VAT) and payments are set up via a monthly direct debit which is taken at the end of each month. All payments are pro-rata which means that payments are worked out over 39 week (a full academic year). This reduces monthly payments.

What happens if I want my child to leave mid-year?

Our Finance Department will work out how many sessions have been attended and how many have been paid for, then a final invoice or credit is issued. 

Do I have to pay if my child is sick/on holiday?

Yes. We still have to allocate staff, and reserve your child's space. We work in the same way swimming lesson would. 


Do you offer trial sessions?

We always offer trial sessions so students are able to try out our sessions and see how they feel in our centre before signing up for anything. We can also offer tours beforehand so students can have a look around and get to know the environment and familiarise themselves with staff.

Do you set homework?

No. FPT is a supplementary provider for home-ed students. We do offer information on the curriculum if you want it. We understand that Home-ed is student led and that parents/carers want to create a learning routine at home, so we will not impede on that. 

Do you cater for SEND needs? 

Yes- we cater for all SEND needs. The only children we cannot accept at FPT are children who have violent outbursts. We will always try to work with every child, so it is always worth contacting us to discuss your child and to arrange a meeting. 


What are your class sizes?

We keep our classes on the smaller size this is to ensure they are working in a calm environment and everyone has the opportunity to work closely with the teachers. Classes are usually a maximum of 6, however, this may go up to 12 for various lessons. If this happens, the staff ratio increases and students will often be separated into small groups wherever possible. 

Do you offer 1-1 for Home-Ed?

We always try to help wherever we can. If we are not able to accommodate, we will endeavour to point our parents to someone who might be able to help 

Is my child allowed to have their mobile phone?

We do not have a mobile phone ban for our home-ed community, however we do have a strict mobile-phone usage policy. Mobile phones can be used with permission of the teacher. It is never acceptable to watch YouTube/snapchat/be on social media during lessons. We are mindful that parents are paying for their children to learn, so we will support that. If a student wants to communicate with their parents, we ask that they communicate the need with their teacher, or ask to use the FPT phone. Taking photos in the classroom is forbidden, as some of our students are not to be on any form of social media, or this make trigger anxieties. FPT is a safe space for everyone. 

Is there a dress code?

Everyone needs to feel comfortable on site, so we ask that our students and parents consider outfit choices carefully. We request that no 'hot-pants' are worn and any tops that show the stomach are worn. The venue is cool in the summer, so feeling comfortable shouldn't be a problem. 


Is my child allowed to eat whilst at FPT?   

Absolutely! A hungry child never learns. Please note that FPT is a completely nut-free zone due to some of our children having air-borne allergies. 

What is the behaviour like at FPT?

At FPT, we do not use the term 'behaviour' we use the term 'engagement'. We like our Home-Ed sessions to be more relaxed. However, FPT is a more formal Home-Ed provision. We ensure that our sessions are as student led as they can be, but we also ensure that we are providing sessions that will allow our children to move towards sitting exams should they wish to. Disruption to other children's learning which may reduce their chances of achieving will need to be discussed with parents. 

Are children allowed to vape/bring red-bull etc onto the premises?

Vaping and any energy drinks are strictly prohibited. 


Do sessions run throughout the school holidays?

No.  At FPT we follow the Essex County Council Term Dates.


Do you offer GCSES?

We are not a GCSE Exam centre however we do offer Functional Skills Courses, these exams are all sat at our Centre and can be used towards helping students get into any desired College Courses. It should be noted that all children who wish to sit their Functional Skills with us are also responsible for completing supplementary work at home.

Are your teachers qualified? 

Our teachers all have extensive experience in curriculum teaching, or are fully qualified.  We also have some examiners teaching our Home-Ed students- so your children are in good hands! Our Home-Ed community also have access to our Mentors if needed, so if your child is anxious, and there is a Mentor nearby, they will have the extra support. 

I have heard that you have Therapy Dogs. Is this true?

Yes, we have three certified Therapy Dogs: Tilly, Molly and Lucy. Our Therapy Dog in training is Darcy, who will be sitting her assessment soon. We cannot guarantee that they will be in every day, but endeavour to bring them in regularly or as often as they can cope with. 

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