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               School Referrals
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How does FPT work? 

Each student referred to us by a school or council has a pathway. This could be 'Reintegration' Exam Prep' or 'Tuition'. All of which includes having access to our EBSA Mentors. FPT works to desensitise students who struggle with the hustle and bustle of mainstream school by 'teaching' them how to be in a classroom and social situations whilst still teaching the curriculum needed to progress to either their next school or post-16. Students are able to 'practise' being in a classroom and applying coping strategies in our safe place. Classwork follows the curriculum, and is taught by subject specialist, which include examiners,  so when a student is ready to leave us, they have the academic skills needed to be confident with their next education family.  


Are all FPT staff KCSIE trained?

All FPT staff are fully trained in all aspects of safeguarding, and have read KCSIE and are made aware of any updates


How does FPT report Safeguarding? 

Safeguarding remains the ultimate responsibility of the school/council. FPT will report all incidents to the school and council as they arise. We also have our own internal safeguarding procedures, and all student files are available at any time to an authorised person. 


Who is FPT's DSL and Safeguarding team? 

FPT's Safeguarding team is headed by the two Directors. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Stephanie Clark and Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Gemma Griffiths. All SLT members are trained to Level 3 Safeguarding work closely together to ensure that every child is safe. 


How does FPT report attendance?

Like Safeguarding, attendance is the ultimate responsibility of school. We understand how important it is to report attendance promptly and therefore all school's receive a live working attendance document, which is updated daily for your records. If a student does not attend a session without us being notified, we have in-house procedures to adhere to which include, notifying the school's attendance officer and DSL to inform them that no contact has been made for absence. This contact is made during the hour of the session taking place. 

For councils: attendance is reported via council preferred systems.  


Are FPT staff all DBS checked? 

All of our staff  have enhanced DBS checked and can be checked via the Update Service. Staff DBS numbers are provided to schools and councils before placement takes place. 


Can FPT provide a letter of reassurance? 

We are happy to provide a letter of reassurance.


How many hours/weeks do we need to sign up for? 

FPT works to a young person's individual needs. Therefore, we understand that setting a timeframe does not work for all. We suggest discussing each young person individually to find a timetable that works for them. We understand that as a student builds resilience hours may need to increase to support and desensitise them to new environments. Reasons for this may include moving into one of our small classroom environments from having 1:1, or combining Mentoring with ITL to move onto the next stage of learning. These adaptations can be discussed in the 6 weekly meetings.  

There is not a minimum amount of hours required to work with us, so any budget can be adhered to. 


What is the cost? 

FPT offers a bespoke service. Please contact us for a cost to suit your needs. 


When can we start?

Before placement can begin FPT will always hold an initial meeting with schools/council, parents and if possible the young person. During the initial meeting a start date can be discussed. 


Can FPT support transition into school?

A smooth transition is the key to a successful reintegration. FPT can support transitions and welcome staff from other provisions to our venue to build relationships with the young person before reintegrating. FPT staff can also facilitate attending other provisions before stepping away. 


I have a child who can not come out of their bedroom at the moment to attend school. Do you do outreach? 

We can offer outreach if required. FPT has worked with young people who struggle to leave their bedroom and are now either attending our centre or getting ready to leave us for their next steps such as; college or reintegration into school. 


Do you work with other schools and councils? 

Yes. FPT students come from different schools and different councils. 


Can you have students with an EHCP? 

Students with an EHCP are welcome to attend. 


Can students attend FPT full-time?

We do not offer full-time education as we are not a school. FPT students can attend for up to 15 hours a week. 


Are you an exam centre? 

We are not a GCSE exam centre but we are a Functional Skills exam centre.  Students can take Functional Skills at our centre so long as they have undertaken our lessons at the centre. 


Do you support online? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer online sessions.

Can you work with our students on our school site? 

Yes, we also off our EBSA Programme to schools, where we work with students who suffer with anxiety and wo struggle to attend school consistently. Please visit our EBSA page for more information. 

What ages do you cater for? 

We are able to take students from the age of 6-16. 

Post 16 placements are considered on a case by case basis.

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