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               School Referrals
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EBSA Data for students who attend our Centre. 
Functions of EBSA 
Our EBSA Programme is designed to show measurable impact and create transferable strategies that can be used to sustain attendance and engagement.

Data Example


Function 1: Avoidance of school-based stimuli that provoke negative emotions e.g. anxiety or depression


Function 2: Avoidance of aversive social or evaluative situations in school e.g. bullying or social anxiety


Function 3: Pursuit of attention from significant others at home e.g. parent (including separation anxiety)


Function 4: Pursuit of tangible reinforcement or rewards outside of school e.g. watching television or shopping

      Student A


  • School referral attendance: 12%

  • 10 week FPT attendance: 86% (74% increase) 

  • Last date attended school: 22/09/23 

  • Reported as having high levels of anxiety  

Student B

  • School referral attendance: 5%

  • 10 week FPT attendance: 100% (95% increase)

  • Last date attended school: 30/03/23

  • Reported as having high levels of anxiety

Student 1.jpg
Student B.jpg
Our Programme
EBSA and resilience sessions explore the reasons behind why a child or young person feels anxiety,  especially in educational settings and focuses on strategies to develop self esteem and confidence. We recognise that a student's need for EBSA is varied and with this in mind our various  programmes have been designed to respond and support to different student needs.


Focusing on developing a young person's resilience is essential in ensuring a successful transition back into education or a post 16 pathway.


FPT's goal is to ensure that every student leaves us with a personal toolkit that they can draw on in situations that heighten their anxiety.  

Our programmes can be delivered to small targeted groups or on a 1 - 1 basis. 


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