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Having an anxious child can be difficult as your child will be looking to you help them through the emotions they are experiencing. However, it is also important that you are providing opportunities for them to build resilience. 


FPT are specialists in working with children who suffer from extreme anxiety, and are always available  to offer advice to any parent who wants to take the time to contact us.


We have several streams. 


Home-education, School referrals and Council referrals.





















Home-Ed: We take into account that your child does not attend formal education, and we try to cater for creative opportunities wherever possible. The curriculum is flexible. If you would like your child to sit exams with us, we will ensure that we endeavour to provide sessions they will need to facilitate the skills they will need. We are also able to provide guidance on how you might enhance these skills at home. 

School referrals: We are able to accept referrals from schools directly, regardless of whether your child has an EHCP. We will work alongside you child's school to support attendance and provide your child they require to sustain their attendance. We are able to support on school-site, or can support at our centre on Canvey Island. 

Council Referrals: We are able to take referrals directly from the council. Please contact your Local Education Team for more information.

EOTAS: You can book a tour with us, then contact your Local Education for more guidance. 

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